Economic and Community Development


To establish a collective economic development policy and framework that facilitates neighborhood stabilization and economic growth of Fairmount Heights' infrastructure.  The Mayor and Town Council seek to implement the following economic development policy priorities.

Policy 1

Offer a balanced mix housing options for all demographic sectors and income ranges.

  • Preserve single-family detached residential to current single family residential areas.
  • Develop medium-density family attached residential as a transitional use between the mixed-use centers and existing surrounding single-family residential communities.
  • Create planning efforts to restore vacant housing and vacant lots and to promote infill hosing development opportunities.
Policy 2

Generate viable quality commercial development within primary, intersecting commercial gateway districts and nodes.

  • Focus medium and high density, mixed use, commercial and residential development within the Sheriff Road and Eastern Avenue Corridors.
  • Promote cohesive and comprehensive main street revitalization , mixed-use nodes, and centers
Policy 3

Concentrate redevelopment and economic development resources in underutilized areas that have the greatest need and potential for optimal use and return.

  • Respond to market opportunities whereby redevelopment is linked to locat employment and contracting opportunity standards.
  • Reinforce sustainability by promoting the enhancement of the public realm that improves the quality of life and generates tax income.
Policy 4

Establish design standard for new development and a wider variety and higher quality of businesses.

  • Create a network of land use spaces that create a unique environmental frameowrk for futured development and redevelopment activities.
Policy 5

Preserve , to the extent possible, local historic sites and resources.

  • Ensure that the rich cultural and historic sites ared documented and protected through property preservation practices.

Adopted by the Mayor and Council  by Resolution FHR 04-15 October 21, 2015